Hey guys!!!

I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying this pre-Christmas time (my favorite time of the year)!


I have to be honest, this week hasn’t been the greatest for me on an emotional level.

I’ve sent in (most of) my applications for opera studios and young artist programs for next year and, frankly, it freaks me out.
Auditioning has always been difficult for me and I am never satisfied (I mean, who ever really is, right?) and on top of that, I always put so much pressure on myself! 

With all the auditions coming up in the (near) future, it’s very important for me to focus on self-care and on enjoying the (smaller) things in life. I do find that I’m getting better at dealing with rejection, which is quite a big deal and very difficult at first. It’s hard to not take the rejections we face personally. 
My goal for the upcoming auditions is to simply enjoy the music I’m making and the experience of auditioning in front of professionals and not to take everything (myself) so seriously. There will be other opportunities and it’s definitely not a matter of life and death!

Luckily this week I spen a lot of time with all my friends here, that really helped to shift my mood!
Everybody here is really compassionate and supportive and it’s really amazing to have that kind of safety net around you.


Even though I’ve been feeling my time here has been coming to an end, I do still have my coaching sessions and singing lessons.
The coming week will be very mellow as well and the two weeks after we will have some language coachings and movement classes. 

Britten – War Requiem

Last Sunday I went to my first Britten War Requiem. I say first because this requiem is amazing! I will definetely be going to more performances of it when I get the chance.

In case you don’t know the piece, this has got to be one of my favorite moments in the piece:

Just chillin’

This week I’ve been watching a lot of operas and movies and hanging out with my friends here a lot. 

I started to watch the Met production of the Ring Cycle of 2011. It’s truly amazing and so inspirational to watch all these performances of the greatest singers!
I’ve also been continuing my spree of watching (bad) Christmas movies and (of course) some horror movies as well.

I really needed that after having to deal with quite a few disappointments over the last few weeks. But all is quite well now and like the late Stan Lee said: “Excelsior!” (Upward and onward to greater glory)

I hope you had a great week and hope to hear from you all!

X Beca

A meeting with despair – Thomas Hardy

As evening shaped I found me on a moor
Which sight could scarce sustain:
The black lean land, of featureless contour,
Was like a tract in pain.

“This scene, like my own life,” I said, “is one
Where many glooms abide;
Toned by its fortune to a deadly dun–
Lightless on every side.

I glanced aloft and halted, pleasure-caught
To see the contrast there:
The ray-lit clouds gleamed glory; and I thought,
“There’s solace everywhere!”

Then bitter self-reproaches as I stood
I dealt me silently
As one perverse–misrepresenting Good
In graceless mutiny.

Against the horizon’s dim-descernèd wheel
A form rose, strange of mould:
That he was hideous, hopeless, I could feel
Rather than could behold.

“‘Tis a dead spot, where even the light lies spent
To darkness!” croaked the Thing.
“Not if you look aloft!” said I, intent
On my new reasoning.

“Yea–but await awhile!” he cried. “Ho-ho!–
Look now aloft and see!”
I looked. There, too, sat night: Heaven’s radiant show
Had gone. Then chuckled he. 

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