Hey guys!!!

Yet another week flew by and the term is coming to a close!


Some exciting stuff happened this week, so let’s get right down to it!


This week we had only a few classes, so I was able to continue studying my new repertoire.

This week I have also been reading like a maniac again because I will have to return all the borrowed books next week 😉 


Well… what can I say about it. I read a lot and watched A LOT (But I REALLYREALLY mean a lot!) of movies.

I also went over to a friends house and we made a lovely dinner and she taught me a few tips and tricks which I will definetely be trying out!


Friday I went to a performance of a new play: ‘Rage’ written by Simon Stephens.

The play is based on photos by Joel Goodman, captured during the mayhem of New Year’s Eve 2015/16 in Manchester city centre.


It was a very intense and interesting performance. I’m glad that I got to see it!

An audience with Luke Evans

The most interesting evening I had was Thursday when I went to this BAFTA event:

An audience with Luke Evans

It was very interesting to hear this superstar talk about his experiences and his journey.
One of the things he said, when asked about when he “knew” that he would/could make it,  that really stuck with me was: “Keep going, even in the darkest of moments. Or quit.” That’s a decision we all have to make at some point.
I felt his story is so relatable (well… at least the starting out part 😉 ).
He talked about moving to London at the age of 17 and having to work several jobs in order to be able to provide for himself, next to his work on stage.

I think that a lot of people don’t know and/or realize that being “successful”, (or at least, what I would consider “successful”) in an art-related career, means that you have the “luxury” of making ends meet, without having to do any side jobs.

Another thing I found remarkable was the fact that he remained so down to earth and humble.
When talking about some of the great actors he has worked with and the way he spoke of them with such admiration and passion, showed that in spite of all of his successes he doesn’t really see himself as this great, big movie star.

Luke Evans

Another thing he mentioned, that all the “greats” that we look up to have this story of struggling to find their way. No one has had it easy and we are all faced with rejection, humiliation and, at some times, even considering abandoning our dreams altogether. 

Hearing his story was really inspiring to me because I feel it’s really important for us to realize that it’s not only about working hard and becoming the best artist you can be.
He talked about that as well. He knows actors that are very good and very talented who don’t have a lot of work and there are “movie stars” who don’t even have half of their talent. There is a certain amount of luck involved, and it may take a while before we meet the right person who is willing to take a chance on us.
Although this can be very frustrating and discouraging, it actually encourages me to trust myself and my own artistry. 
In the end, it’s always going to be a matter of taste anyway, so we might as well stay true to ourselves and love ourselves and love what/how we do what we do.

And that was it for this week, you guys!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and please stay in touch!

Love you all!!!

X Beca

Show biz – Charles Bukowski

I can’t have it
and you can’t have it
and we won’t
get it
so don’t bet on it
or even think about
just get out of bed
each morning
and go out into
outside of that
all that’s left
is suicide
and madness
so you just
expect too much
you can’t even
so what you do
work from a modest
like when you
walk outside
be glad your car
might possibly
be there
and if it is –
that the tires
then you get
and if it
starts – you
it’s the damndest
you’ve ever
in it –
low budget
4 billion
and the longest
you ever hope

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  1. I’m looking forward to some home cooked Chinese food ;-)It’s Advent already, so see you soon 😀

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